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Cyrene Strategy Consulting was founded to provide world-class expertise to professional services businesses facing challenges in strategy, leadership, and/or growth.

STRATEGY:  Is your strategy taking YOUR business where it should be going?  Or is it just chasing market trends, causing a collision with competitors?

LEADERSHIP:  Are your leaders able to drive peak performance for the long run?

GROWTH:  Are you challenged with handling rapid growth and need assistance in serving your clients and navigating the future?  Or do you have the opposite problem:  is growth stalled and you don't know where to turn next?

In every case, Cyrene Strategy Consulting provides bespoke solutions to help your business thrive.


We help businesses achieve more for themselves and their stakeholders by helping them improve their strategy and operations


You will be served by a top executive expert with at least 20 years of real-world experience and access to the latest academic research to ensure you achieve results.  Unlike some consultancies, you are never handed off to junior staff.

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